Ciclo Film – VLAFF on Sunday

Watched this movie last night, as part of the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival. A beautiful story about aging, family and a cycling trip across North America that changed the course of two brothers’ lives. It will replay tomorrow as the audience favourite. Make sure you’re well-stocked with kleenex.

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Portland Museum – Cyclepedia


If you haven’t been down to Portland lately, here is another reason to take the Amtrak for a visit. The Portland Museum is showing a selection of the incredible Michael Embacher Collection until September 8th. Embacher is an architect based in Vienna, and he has one of the world’s most impressive collections of bicycles. Embacher himself selected 60 of his more than 200 bikes and they are on exhibition outside of Europe for the first time. What better place than Portland for this to happen?

I went down about a month ago, while touring Portland bike shops and visiting the Vanilla studio, and checked it out in the morning. There are a lot of unique pieces and unless you’re really into bike geeking, I maybe wouldn’t say you absolutely need to travel some 6 hours each way on the train to see these bikes. But for sure, if you already want to go to Portland, or are going, do not miss the exhibition, it is very impressive and diverse.


Portland Museum
Embacher Collection Official website 

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