Merino Base Layers Now Available


After literally considering four continents for a base layer material, contacting more than a dozen suppliers, and scouring through hoards of swatches we found a small American Mill that produces, by what we have felt, the softest and highest quality 100% Merino Wool. It was very important to us to source as regionally as possible so we used this buttery-soft merino to make a small batch run of our new Le Domestique base layer.

We are sure that there may be even more room for improvement – there always is – but we feel we’ve got off to a very solid start. We found as domestically sourced wool we could. The quality is extremely high, and if a finer wool exists we can only congratulate that mill, because we chose what we truly believe is the best. All the base layers are made here in East Vancouver and are cut to be straight-forward, elegant and functional. This is an item that can both be worn as a slim fitting next-to-skin base layer on all of your rides by regulating body temperature, wicking moisture and remaining odour resistant. It can also be purchased a size up and used as your everyday technical tee, great for any sport be it running, kayaking, or trekking. We’re very happy with this new product and we sincerely hope you love it as much as we do.

The base layer is available in 5 sizes (XS through XL) in black only for this first run. It was a small batch so sizes are limited.

The Base Layer is currently available in our online shop

Get it. Wear it. Love it. Tell us about it.


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