The Ryder Jersey


We’d been planning to update the Ryder jersey for sometime, as we felt that a guy riding around wearing white POC’s needed something a little more flashy than our previous two-colour jersey. We had been waiting until World Championships week with this concept for over half the year, and in the meanwhile, Ryder had an injury-filled season, and had opted out of the World’s. Just today, two other pieces of news saw Svein Tuft drop out of the TT due to exhaustion after his silver in the TTT and the Euskaltel merger fall apart. Not the best pro cycling news day, eh? Well, ta hell with it… it’s new jersey day.

Most nearly all of you will instantly recognize the inspiration, from Steve Bauer riding a controversy filled bronze in 1988 World’s road race, to Curt Harnett TT’ing to Olympic silver in LA, or sprinting to bronze in Barcelona and Atlanta, the team Canada identity has often sported a pale blue jersey with various White and Red details. We’ve eased up on the maple leaves, having by default one on the left arm. However, if you want more leaves, or as they say in Toronto, ‘Leafs’, we can easily add them on the back or the other arm. We’ve also done a RAF inspired Cima Coppi Logo on the centre back pocket and balanced the jersey with a Red lower hem.

Hopefully, we’ll see a strong performances from Christian Meier, Denise Ramsden, Joelle Numainville in events ahead. Congrats to Kinley Gibson on her strong 9th place finish in the junior Women’s ITT.

You can purchase a 100% merino wool “Ryder” jersey from the Online Shop


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