2013 Vuelta – Stage 15 – Grand Battle


Alexandre Geniez (FDJ) won the queen stage of the 2013 Vuelta A Espana from the breakaway as he was able to hang on to his lead, much like Daniele Ratto yesterday, and take the win ahead of the favorites who were battling for the overall behind him.

Behind, it was Michele Scarponi and later Nicolas Roche, who attacked from the group looking to go long range to reclaim big time on the leaders. Roche went with over 20km to go on the slopes of the Bales and joined Oliver Zaugg for the descent to the final climb and the two built a nice lead to work with. Shortly thereafter all hell broke loose with 15km to go as all of Daniel Moreno, Vincenzo Nibali, Chris Horner, Joaquim Rodriguez, Thibault Pinot, Rigoberto Uran and Samuel Sanchez attacked the favorites at various times, and in some instances numerous times. But no one rider could shack the others.

Thibault Pinot attacked with about 10km remaining and made a gap stick for some times as thing cooled down for a moment and Horner had Robert Kiserlovski to take up the pace setting at the front of the race, who eventually reeled in Pinot the favorites clumped together for the descent prior to the Peyragudes.

Samuel Sanchez attacked with around 4.5km to go after the descent with the 12% section of the climb. But shortly thereafter, Joaquim Rodriguez attacked the trailing favorites and closed the gap to Samu, surpasing the Asturiano. Seconds later, Chris Horner countered and only Valverde, Nibali, Rodriguez and Pozzovivo could stick with the American. This group of five created an elite selection and rode away from the others and held a extremely high pace which all but reeled in Roche and Scarponi for their earlier efforts.

2013 Vuelta Stage 15 Top Ten
1. Alexandre Geniez (FDJ)_________6h20’12”
2. Michele Scarponi (LAM)_________+3’03”
3. Nicolas Roche (TST)____________+3’07”
4. Vincenzo Nibali (AST)__________+3’20”
5. Alejandro Valverde (MOV)
6. Chris Horner (RLT)
7. Joaquim Rodriguez (KAT)
8. Domenico Pozzovivo (ALM)
9. Jose Herrada (MOV)______________+3’23”
10. David Arroyo (CJR)

Overall Classification after 15 stages
1. Vincenzo Nibali (AST)_______60h20’21″
2. Chris Horner (RLT)_________+50″
3. Alejandro Valverde (MOV)____+1’42″
4. Joaquim Rodriguez (KAT)____+2’57″
5. Domenico Pozzovivo (ALM)____+3’43″
6. Nicolas Roche (TST)________+3’49″
7. Thibault Pinot (FDJ)_________+4’59″
8. Leopold Konig (NET)________+6’18″
9. Samuel Sanchez (EUS)______+7’46″
10. Tanel Kangert (AST)________+9’11″
11. Daniel Moreno (KAT)________+9’21″
12. David Arroyo (CJR)________+11’17″
13. Michele Scarponi (LAM)_____+12’03″
14. Jose Herrada (MOV)________+13’31″
15. Igor Anton (EUS)__________+14’49″
16. Eros Capecchi (MOV)________+15’56″
17. Dominik Nerz (BMC)________+17’34″
18. Robert Kiserlovski (RLT)____+18’03″

23. Rigoberto Uran (SKY)_______+24’54”
24. Sergio Luis Henao (SKY)____+25’18″


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