The Greg Jersey


The Greg jersey is the third of four new jersey designs we had planned for this year. We’re launching it now to celebrate the 100th edition of the Tour de France which starts on Saturday in Corsica. Excited yet? This jersey is our offering of a 100% wool De Stijl inspired jersey based on that of the La Vie Claire team that “Lemonster” ride to Tour victory in 1986. The La Vie Claire team was a powerhouse team with star riders, money and technology at their disposal using synthetic fibres and carbon frames. Well, for those who think these kind of designs don’t happen in wool, and were only for sublimated plastic, think again, because we’re taking it back.

In fact, this jersey is a sublime design execution, and although it takes us a hell of a lot more time to cut and sew, the De Stijl inspired panels not only fit extremely well with the classic Cima Coppi pattern, it also allows for the reuse of our smaller offcuts, making for a less wasteful final product.

The Greg jersey is being sold in limited production to start, but it’s here to stay. It’s too damn nice looking to make it a short term run.

Pick up your Greg jersey in our online store.


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