The Federico Jersey

Federico Wool Cycling Jersey

Federico is another new addition to our 2013 collection. The contrasting greys frame the bold Spanish colours for a more subdued look, while the red and yellow details provide heightened visibility.

Our first Spanish jersey is dedicated to no other than the first Spaniard to win the Tour the France in 1959: Federico Martín Bahamontes. The “Eagle of Toledo” was known in the peloton for his eccentric character, his unmatched climbing abilities and his fear of descents.

The story is told of him eating an ice cream (vanilla, two scoops) during a race when, having reached the top of the mountain far ahead of the peloton, he supposedly decided to wait for other riders to avoid a solo descent. Although this anecdote is often told to illustrate Federico’s peculiar character and his absolute lack of confidence in descents, the reality is that he was in need of assistance for a broken wheel  and used the treat to calm down as he sat helpless on the roadside.

Whether you are heading for a casual ride before an Ice Cream Social in town, or an arduous mountain climb, our Federico jersey will keep you comfortable in all conditions, except the very cold, when it should be layered with arm warmers and our track jacket.

Available for purchase in our online store.


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