2013 Milan San Remo runs tomorrow, Sunday March 17th

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It’s hard to notice in Vancouver — where the endless rain transcends all seasons and blends days, weeks and months into a uniform, grey and wet void — but Spring really is around the corner. And even if the weather is not yet reflecting many changes to prove it, the surest sign that we’re leaving winter behind is that Milan-Remo, the Spring Classic, will be taking place this Sunday, March 17th.


With little surprises in the course, which remains the same every year, the only unanswered question is: will Peter Sagan claim his first victory in “la classica di Primavera” tomorrow?

If you are located in Vancouver, your best option to watch the live coverage is to head down to Musette Caffe for breakfast, starting at 5:30AM. They’ll even be serving a special breakfast for the event:  green eggs on rice, a delicious combination of poached eggs with pan seared spinach and garlic on top of brown rice.

And if the sounds of a strange new language don’t put you off, you may want to start your warm up for the race right now, by watching this documentary aired this week on a Dutch TV channel. My knowledge of Dutch is limited, but it appears that Filippo Pozzato has decided that the only way to beat Sagan is by ditching his bike and riding his Ferrari instead?? Nice strategy! Let’s see what the UCI thinks about that…

Weather forecast: MilanSan Remo
Official Site: http://www.gazzetta.it/Speciali/MilanoSanremo/it/


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