BC Randonneurs Early Bird 200

Tomorrow, I’m going to head out with those crazy BC Randonneurs as I aim to complete my second ever brevet ride. I did a 200km brevet back in 2009 (which feels much more recent than it actually is) and I had a fun time and a good challenge. Tomorrow, I think my goal is just to finish as I haven’t been riding as much as I did back in 2009 and I’ll be riding a new bike (more on that below).

Randonneuring, for those who are unfamiliar, is long distance, non-competitive, marathon riding made up of brevets from 200km up to 1200km. The most prestigious of these randonnee rides is the 1200km Paris-Brest-Paris which needs to be completed in under 90 hours and has been going since 1891. For more information on randonneuring visit the excellent and extensive bc randonneurs webpage.

Tomorrow’s ride, which is open to anyone looking for a challenge, is going to be a familiar and scenic jaunt around the GVRD. Many of you will have ridden the routes out to Whytecliff Park, Iona Beach, Steveston, New West or Port Moody… so why not come out and join… and ride them all in one day! In the rain! Sounds great, non?


As previously mentioned, I’ll be riding a new bike that has all of 1km on it in the new configuration. It’s an old steel Kona Fire Mountain that my Mom bought me as a highschool grad present in 2005. Thanks Mom! I no longer ride single track so with the help of Tim at Genie Cycles we ground down the canti mounts for 26″ wheels and brazed on a new set for 700c. I put on a ‘cross fork, drop bars and now I have the makings of a good touring/rando bike.


We’ll see how the bike holds up, and more importantly how I hold up tomorrow in what will prove to be a fun, challenging and wet ride! The ride starts at Bean around the World at Main and 19th at 7am.

See you out there.


8 thoughts on “BC Randonneurs Early Bird 200

  1. That’s a solid looking bike. Single chain ring looks good. What size? Straight block cassette?

    I’m interested in giving a randonneur event a try, alas I’ll be working tomorrow. I’ll be down in the train yard under the Queensborough Bridge. Give me a wave if you remember =)

    1. It’s a 38 tooth front. right now it’s a 11-23 on the back, but I have a 12-27 for that bike… just didn’t put it on. I’d like to try and ride that bike up to the Elfin cabin from my house (even if I gotta push it up to Red Heather) It was pretty good today… but it isn’t as comfortable as my road bike, and it’s a lot of spinning!

    1. Yeah… it went ok. I came in just after Nigel, Chris and a couple others with Peter, but I really suffered. My legs were cramping all day (which is something that has never happened to me before. I’m really, really happy I did it, but I really suffered. I’m just not on top of things and probably should be more reasonable with my expectations. I need to get a ton more riding in before the Bucaneer.

    2. How you feeling btw? It was a little nasty out there today, raining in the morning and windy in Richmond and on the Barnett (as usual). It’s maybe good you took it easy since you were sick… we all got pretty wet.

      1. Still got a cough. I’ mjust worried about it spreading. I feel fine except I cough a lot sometimes and sound like I’m dying. But it sounds way worse than it feels.. But I figured it was still a good idea to pull the plug given the weather.

        You going to do any other randos this year?

    1. I may do a shorter rando on the Caad8, but thus far this is/has been my go to rando bike. It’s been pretty good. I’m building a new 3X wheelset for it right now, so it should be even better. Thanks again with the help with the canti mounts.

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