Move over TdF… you’re getting worked by Oman


Ok, I’ll admit that headline is meant to be provocative because I worry that if readers see Tour of Oman as the first racing that we’ve highlighted this year, they may just skip the post… but don’t! Please don’t for your enjoyment. Now, I’ll backpedal here a bit. the Tour of Oman has nothing on the Tour de France, but Oman doesn’t act like that is the case. In typical small-dog fashion, they are out to make a big impact, and they do that with their daily re-cap footage.

I blogged on this a bit last year, but I didn’t do it justice and the more I think about it the more it blows my mind. Ok, you’re right, let’s cut to the chase check this out:

Ok, that was two days ago, and this was yesterday:

Think about that. Stage 3 footage, produced like that, will be released in about 5 hours! For today’s stage! I may be a luddite, or making too big a deal about nothing, but the production of these videos is not small task. The level of preparedness they must have to build a framework for the video, having pre-selected all of the music and then to get the daily footage from the helicopters, motorcycles, roadside and sort through it all and piece it together in what irrefutably the most impressive highlight reel available in under 5 hours … it’s exemplary.

We see these kind of “epic” videos from the Giro D’Italia (although with cheesy voice-over) and the Tour and Vuelta do their annual googlemaps-inspired CG fly-over, but those are once a year and they are no better, and in fact worse than, IMHO, these that Oman does each day. Now there seem to be some reasons as to why these videos exist and you can read a little more as to how the lack of live coverage influences that here: However, My belief is even with live coverage, why not still do these type of beautiful videos?

Below is the promo video for this year’s Oman, similar to what they do daily, but with subtlety and sensibility that France and Italy are missing the boat on. Oman may not be the biggest race in the world, but don’t tell them that.

PS. Sagan’s descent position…WTF! that kid is playing at the next level… and he won again on stage 3.


2 thoughts on “Move over TdF… you’re getting worked by Oman

  1. It’s been interesting to watch Sagan rise to the top level of professional cycling. I’m not sure he’ll be able to climb with the big contenders tomorrow, but maybe? Sagan seems like he is on track for a good spring. Will Boonen, Gilbert, and Cancellara be there? Interesting stuff to watch for.

    The funny part about the Tour of Oman is that it’s supported/run/sponsored by the A.S.O. the same organization behind many of Europe’s biggest races including the Tour de France. If they can make videos like that in Oman, why isn’t it possible during the Tour de France? You would think they have the technology and manpower, is it money? We can only hope we will seem something similar to this during the Tour de France.


    1. Yup, it’s ASO. If you read the link I embedded (afterwards, perhaps you missed it) they talk about resistance from the Oman side of things to broadcast live? Because of this, they really try to get impressive videos out quickly for the news updates with a team of only 19 people working on them. I think the Tour could do the same, but perhaps they see no ROI for the work.

      I think these videos are impressive and have value, especially for the blog, social media and smartphone world. What’s true is that these videos are great, and I’d love to see more, and whatever barrier may be preventing that is unfortunate.


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