Parlour Coffee Custom Wool Jerseys

Oye. We’ve been hard at work lately and not blogging so much. There’s hardly anything big going on in pro cycling of late anyway, right, so why post? What we have been doing is a ton of custom jerseys for shops across the continent, L’Eroica and more and haven’t been posting them on the blog.

First, we hooked up Nils and Parlour coffee in Winnipeg with jerseys and those flahutes have been out there in the mud and cold doing cross races and then heading back to the shop for great coffee. The jerseys we designed together look great on the team, but it helps when you’ve got a team of Quadzillas.

If you’re in Winnipeg, or passing through and haven’t been to Parlour, head over to visit Nils and his cafe at 468 Main Street. You can get a sense of the cafe in the video below. You can contact us for Parlour jersey availability if you want one.


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