Just Who is Bradley Wiggins?

I’ve been reading around the interwebs a little about people’s response to Bradley Wiggins and his win of the Tour de France. Some people are saying… Who is this guy? Where did he come from to be so dominant in all disciplines?

I posted prior to the Tour de France to show the new asymmetrical wool jersey we made in Brad’s honour (seen below). I’m not trying to make our decision making process seem more than it is, because it’s just putting a name to an organization of colours and textiles, but we do take it seriously. If we’re going to make a piece of art and design, a jersey inspired by an athlete, we want to make it hold weight. And who was Bradley Wiggins? He was a multiple Gold medal winning track cyclist and a guy with great potential on the road. Like Ryder Hesjedal, he was all what if? But now, the two former teammates from Garmin Slipstream are two cyclists who have vaulted into the sphere of greatest of their country. They’ve both become the first Grand Tour winners representing Britain and Canada.

Wiggins, as I mentioned in our previous post, is someone we’ve been watching closly for years, believing that he could someday do exactly what he did yesterday – win the Tour de France. We’ve now dedicated two different jersey designs to him, and the thing is he isn’t yet finished winning as the Olympics are just around the corner. Watch the documentary above as it’s a fine look into Bradley’s past accomplishments and will give you an idea of his future potential.

The big question now is who is going to win the Vuelta? We better start sewing a new jersey cause we’re two for two this year. But before we get ahead of ourselves, again Sir Bradley Wiggins, congratulations.

Bradley Merino Wool Jersey


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