Giro d’Italia – Stage 12 – Bak breaks away

Lars Yitting Bak surged away from his breakaway mates with 1300m remaining to give me grief about a ridiculous headline, err I mean, to win the 12th stage of the Giro. “Bak breaking effort”, “Break Bak Mountains”, “Baby Bak…. ok, I’m dumb, and I often make stupid headlines.

Bak to the race (You really can stop reading anytime). On a stage which had “break suceeds” written all over it, the action started early, and it was the seven man group consisting of stage winner Lars Yitting Bak (LBE), Amets Txurruka (EUS), Jackson Rodriguez (AND), Sandy Casar (FDJ), Jan Bakelandts (RNT), Ivan Santaromita (BMC) and Andrey Ammador (MOV) who animated the race.

The septet built up a lead of over 6 minutes as the peloton, rolled along behind content to let those boys fight it out until, insert record scratch, someone realized that Sandy Casar was the virtual Maglia Rosa and would take pink if the allowed this to continue. Katusha mobilized and started clawing things together, and with the others feeling like they were asleep at the wheel, even Damiano Cunego and Paolo Tiralongo tried a few attacks.

In the end, it was Bak taking the win, but Sandy Casar taking the sprint for second and enough bonus time to vault up to third in the GC. Casar really isn’t an overall contender, but when someone finds themself in a high GC placing it can change the face of the race for them. We’ll see what FDJ does with Casar in third, but I don’t see him staying there for long. BMC’s Ivan Santaromita also finds himself in a top ten position, in fifth, but that’s even less likely to last.

Tomorrow, we have a very un-Giro-esque 121km lumpy stage with a flat finish. It should be one for the sprinters as the combination of increasingly flat terrain and short distance should allow them to get over the hills just fine.

Stage 12 Top Five
1. Lars Yitting Bak (LTB)__3h58’55”
2. Sandy Casar (FDJ)______+11″
3. Andrey Ammador (MOV)
4. Jan Bakelants (RNT)
5. Ivan Santaromita (BMC)

Complete Stage 12 results: Gazzetta Official

General Classification after 12 stages
1. Joaquim Rodriguez (KAT)____42h16’39”
2. Ryder Hesjedal (GRM)_______+17″
3. Sandy Casar (FDJ)_____________+26″
4. Paolo Tiralongo (AST)_________+32″
5. Ivan Santaromita (BMC)________+49″
6. Roman Kreuziger (AST)_______+52″
7. Benat Intxausti (MOV)________+52″
8. Ivan Basso (LIQ)___________+57″
9. Damiano Caruso (LIQ)_______+1’02”
10. Dario Caltaldo (OPQ)________+1’03”
11. Eros Capecchi (LIQ)_________+1’09”
12. Rigoberto Uran (SKY)_______+1’10”
13. Michele Scarponi (LAM)_____+1’11”
14. Domenico Pozzovivo (COG)__+1’12”
15. Sergio Luis Haeno (SKY)_____+1’27
16. Damiano Cunego (LAM)______+1’37”

25. Frank Schleck (RNT)________+2’11”

31. John Gadret (ALM)___________+2’55”

37. Mikel Nieve (EUS)___________+3’35”

Complete General Classification: Gazzetta Official


2 thoughts on “Giro d’Italia – Stage 12 – Bak breaks away

  1. I was hoping for a Star Wars reference. “Lotto Strikes Bak” maybe?

    I feel bad for Golas, he was riding so well, but pushed the envelope just a little too much. Nice move in the finale by Bak, a perfect attack.

    Great blog posts by the way, need some more Italian recipe posts 🙂

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