National Cycling Caps now available

National champion wool jerseys have long been a mainstay of ours. Cycling, to me, is as much or more about history and geography as it is the bikes and riders. The stadiums of the grand races are the peaks of the Alps, Pyrenees and Dolomites, the “walls” of the Ardennes and the plains of Castilla y León.

Back when we changed the logo in early 2011, we experimented with national stripes and flag colours being a part of the logo design since it was a large part of our products. For the Cima Coppi cap, we started making caps with jersey offcuts for two of the panels and designed the brim with an offset logo.

We’re putting the same features together, using our black knit offcuts and embroidered brim detail, to introduce a set of national caps. Let us know what you think. Check them out in the online store or pick up an Italian one for the upcoming Giro.


2 thoughts on “National Cycling Caps now available

    1. Thanks! Yeah, the world champion stripes is certainly appealing but I found out that is a UCi trademark and I’d need to pay them a heap of money to license it. So, for now, no World Champion stripes.

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