Relay Race-donneur around Iceland? Wow Cyclothon – 1332km in 72 hrs.

I stumbled across this interesting event the other day. Iceland, I’ve long thought would be a great place to explore by bicycle, and I believe someday that will happen for us. This event, a four rider relay around the entire island, may be the ticket for someone wanting an alternative to the standard multi-week tour. Don’t have much time for a ride…well, get three friends together and do the island in less than 72 hours. This has the appearance of being quite a fresh event concept, as the website leaves some important questions unanswered, however, the general concept looks quite fun. Perhaps the most compelling detail of the event is that you would be riding Iceland during the summer solstice, and the period when, in Iceland, the sun never sets. Historical data informs us that the sun sets this time of year at 12:03am!

Registration cost: $400usd per team or $2000usd for sponsored/corporate teams.
Date: June 19-22, 2012
Team event: 4 riders total, 2 people in a support car. 6 person teams.
Ride options: Riders can ride alone, or in the complete group of 4. No drafting.
Timing: Rando-style timing. Clock starts and runs for 72 consecutive hours until cutoff.
Bikes: Open to all types of human powered bicycles (recumbents? fairings?)
Prizes: Winning time appears to receive flights from Wow iceland?

Official site:


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