Back from Cuba, Back in the studio.

We casually snapped these shots after a long, tiring day in the saddle on the fifth day of our Cuban tour. It was a long day – 10 hours in total, with 7hrs riding, over only 120km, which we did with our German mates Ulle and Rainer, who we met up with along the way. It was 36 degrees, and we rode through about 40-45km of dirt, mud and rocks on the side of the road, because the road was not ride-able. It was certainly the most significant day of the tour which we will detail when we get time to do a proper write-up.

We’ve enjoyed our time immensely in Cuba and highly recommend it as a touring destination. We’re working through all the emails, orders and getting things together. Thanks for your patience as we get our bearings.


2 thoughts on “Back from Cuba, Back in the studio.

  1. Can’t wait to read more and hear all about it! Happy you guys had fun and are back in one piece!


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