The Saxo Bank Diet… now with less steak!

A stomach bug has been keeping me off the cycling-inspired food blogging diet for a while now, but that does not mean that bikes and food have been not present on my mind lately. The “bikey” side of my brain has definitely been getting more satisfaction, with all the anticipation and preparations for our upcoming cycling adventure in Cuba (6 days and counting!). My poor “foodie” side, though, is feeling neglected, barely surviving on yoghurts, kefir milk and white rice… No fun!

Fortunately, there is no shortage of inspiration for  any of these two passions on the Internet. The latest in combining the two is DailyStews – Team Saxo Bank’s new food blog, where chef extraordinaire Hannah Grant and her apprentice, Troels Brødsgaard, offer a unique perspective on bike racing. Wanna know the menu for a heart-broken (and hip-broken) Nick Nuyens, after having to abandon the Paris – Nice on Stage 2? Rabbit cassoulet style with white beans, sage and warm pickled cherry tomatoes; coleslaw with apricot; and tuna sashimi with fennel and mint. Yum! Highlights from other nights include: green leafs, pear, pistachio and fresh ricotta with chives and lemon; white wine steamed cod, roasted celery root and thyme; smoked trout, braeburn apples in raspberry vinegar and chives; red quinoa, feta, peppers and rocket; rice noodles, wasabi dressing and seared organic beef with mint and sesame.

Some things live up to the expectations: there is always a choice of pasta for those riders who are not feeling too adventurous – that said, it is always whole wheat. But long gone are the days when performance food for cycling was equated with overloading on red meat – or with raw meat and cow’s blood, in some extreme cases! Instead, Hannah favours a well-balanced diet, incorporating always a good amount of fresh organic and local produce – exactly my kind of performance (and non-performance) eating!

I can’t wait to see her post some of the recipes for her daily menus!


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