Cobbles Season starts this weekend – Omloop and K-B-K

Saturday and Sunday sees the beginning of the cycling season as far as mainland Europe is concerned. Not to take anything away from the tune-up races in the Middle East, Argentina and Southern Spain, but this is when the majority of the cycling world tunes in – beginning with the Omloop het Nieuwsblad on Saturday.

The Omloop is the first Pro Tour race of the year in Belgium, held in east Flanders since 1945. The course features some of the more important cobbled climbs from the monument De Ronde van Vlaanderen (Tour of Flanders) – Valkenberg, Molenberg, Wolvenberg and Leberg.

Omloop Official Site:
Start Time/End Time:Saturday, 25th – 11:00CET (2:00PST)/ ~16:30CET (7:30PST)

Sunday, the Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne runs for the 65th time since 1945. Kuurne is located just 45km southweat of Ghent – the starting town of the Omloop – and it heads east toward Brussels before turning around and heading back to Kuurne. Again, some of the major climbs of the Ronde are hit on the K-B-K

KBK Oficial Site:
Start Time/End Time:Sunday, 26th – 11:00CET (2:00PST)/ ~16:30CET (7:30PST)


2 thoughts on “Cobbles Season starts this weekend – Omloop and K-B-K

    1. The Omloop has a ‘live’ link which I’m hoping broadcasts free on their official page, but it looks like only ticker.

      KBK is broadcast on VRT & RTBF in Belgium (I don’t have much luck with those. But it’s live on RAI (Italy) and if they are net broadcasting it, I can watch RAI in Canada.

      Other than that… check podiumcafe for more info/options.

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