2012 Cima Coppi Tour – First look at our route

We’ve been scouring the web for information regarding a good two-week cycle route which hits most of our points of interest and this is what the trip will likely look like. The route will be just over 1000km’s in 11 days of riding with two days of longish bus or train transfers between Santiago and Santa Clara, as well as Cienfuegos and Havana.

We’ve never been to Cuba prior, that’s kinda of why we’re going, so if you have and your experiences tell us we’re missing something, let us know. We’re probably going to stick to this concept, and major changes will have to be for another trip, but we’re also open to feedback.

We’ve got two months exactly to get prepared, and we’re feeling good about the route plan, so now it’s all the other stuff. Stay tuned!

Here is our basic Itinerary:

Mar. 19th – Arrival Frank Pais Airport.
DAY1 (19th) – Ride: Airport – Bayamo (62,0km)
DAY2 (20th) – Ride: Bayamo – Manzanillo (67,0km)
DAY3 (21st) – Ride: Manzanillo – Pilon (90,0km)
DAY4 (22nd) – Ride: Pilon – Chivirico (110,0km)
DAY5 (23rd) – Ride: Chivirico – Santiago De Cuba (80,0km)
DAY6 (24th) – REST DAY in Santiago – Evening Train/Bus? to Santa Clara
DAY7 (25th) – Ride: Santa Clara – Trinidad (85,0km)
DAY8 (26th) – Ride: Trinidad – Cienfuegos (82,5km)
DAY9 (27th) – TRANSFER DAY to Havana… Extra/Contingency Day.
DAY10 (28th) – Ride: Havana – Pinar Del Rio via San Christobal (164km)
DAY11 (29th) – Ride: Pinar Del Rio – Bahia Honda (108km)
DAY12 (30th) – Ride: Bahia Honda – Havanna (98,0km)
DAY13 (31st) – REST DAY in Havanna
DAY14 (1st) – Ride: Havanna – Matanzas (102,0km)
DAY15 (2nd) – Ride (TAXI?): Matanzas – Varadero Airport (16,0km) Flight departure
Total riding = 1048km in 11days = 95km/day


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