City of Edmonton needs your voice to build a new Velodrome

According to the City of Edmonton website their is a proposal in the works to build a Recreational Park in the Coronation District, and one of the proposals for the new park is an indoor cycling track.

From their site:
“The 2007 Council approved Medium Term Recreation and Sports Field Plan identifies Coronation District Park as a site for the development of a community recreation centre close to Peter Hemingway Fitness and Leisure Center. This strategy was based on an extensive community needs assessment and public consultation.

In 2011, City Council supported exploring the opportunity and potential partnership to incorporate an indoor cycling track in the facility and find another suitable location for the twin arena planned for the facility (See the 10-Year Arena Capital Development Strategy – 2009-2019). The Community Recreation Centre will also include a fitness centre, gymnasium, multipurpose rooms and child play space.”

The proposal for the indoor cycling track will feature:
-250m oval track
-Spectator seating
-Space for bicycle rentals and storage

You can give your feedback by phone, survey or written proposal for the development. A new track, anywhere in Canada, should bring more attention, excitement and most importantly funding to the sport of cycling.

So let them hear about it!

City of Edmonton Website


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