2011 MS Bike Tour Wrap – Up

Last weekend the MS Bike Tour in the Okanagan Valley was an incredible event. I’d like to thank Patricia, Jacinthe and Hyuma for joining me on the ride and for doing some incredible fund raising. I’d also like to thank all of you who donated, as it is very generous of you all, and without your donations events like this would be fairly meaningless. Making progress toward solutions for those living with Multiple Sclerosis is what gives this ride significance and your donations helped the four of us raise $1811.00 for the MS Society! This eclipsed our goal of $1500 and improved on last year’s efforts! Thank you all again.

The ride and all of it’s participants raised a total of just over $57,000 for the MS Society, and increase on the ~$43,000 we raised in 2010!

Now, we had our own prize raffle going on here at Cima Coppi to stimulate the fund raising quest. The results of the raffle are in and randomly drawn winners are as follows:

3rd runner up: Melissa Kaerne – Merlot Wine from Camelot Vineyards in Kelowna!
2nd runner up: Daniel Wright – Cima Coppi Wool Team Cap!
1st runner up: Nigel Matthews – Cima Coppi Team Cap OR Team Arm Warmers!
Grand Prize Winner: Aiyana Kane and Bandidas Taqueria – Cima Coppi Team Jersey!

As well, we are awarding an additional secret prize for outstanding supporter to Ryan Golbeck from Mighty Riders, Ryan gets a Cima Coppi Team Cap for his amazing support and enthusiasm for the event!

Thanks again to all that donated and supported the event. Maybe next year we can convince some of you to ride as well!


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