MS Fundraiser – LAST CHANCE for prize raffle

Donate here: MS Society – Cima Coppi Team page (or click the picture above)


Team Cima Coppi is hammering along in the fund raising moving into the top ten at the last minute, then 9th, a jump to 7th, a surge to 6th and now we’re sitting in 5th! Do we have the last big kick as the line approaches? Only you can help us find out. Podium dreams or near miss? Pledge now and help us get into the top three!


1. Make a team pledge online and for each $10 you pledge you will be assigned a number at the random draw.
2. The greater total number of donations, the greater the number of prizes
3. Random draw will occur after the MS Bike Tour is finished, winners will be notified on the blog (approx Sept.20)
4. Enjoy your prize!

Team Cima Coppi is almost at our fund raising goal, and this raffle is to ensure we represent and raise a serious amount of funds for a much-needed cause. This is why we’re increasing prizes as the donations increase. Prizes start at $75 of donations to “team gifts”.


*New secret prizes added!

$75 raised – 1st prize – Bottle of Okanagan wine (1 draw)
$150 raised – 1st – Cima Coppi Team Cap, 2nd – Bottle of Okanagan wine (2 draws)
$300 raised – 1st – Team Jersey, 2nd – Team Cap, 3rd – Okanagan Wine (3 draws)
$600 raised – 1st – Cima Coppi Track Jacket, 2nd – Team Jersey, 3rd – Team Cap, 4th – Wine (4 draws)

MSRP: Track jacket ($175), Team Jersey ($140), Team Cap ($45), Wine ($25)

Questions: email us


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