Carlos Sastre retires

One of my favorite riders from the pro peloton, Carlos Sastre, is calling it a career. The 36-year-old from Avila has been the model of consistency and professionalism in the peloton, with his career highlight being the 2008 Tour de France win. He finishes his career with 15 top-ten Grand Tours and 6 Grand Tour podium finishes. When Sastre won the Tour in 2008 it was the first winner in a long time that I felt really content, satisfied and confident in when he stepped onto the podium.

“I took the decision last year,” Sastre said today in Madrid. “I didn’t want to make cycling into purely an economic issue for me. I have always wanted to be a professional from the first to the last day. I have known where my limits are.”

Sastre was a real throw-back to the riders of old, as he normally finished two, and twice all three (’06 & ’10), Grand Tours in a single season. This year, due to the status of his Geox team, he was unable to compete in the Tour, with his best finish being in the Vuelta – a somewhat disappointing 20th in a very strong field. However, Sastre reflected positively on the Vuelta saying “Having the Vuelta winner [Cobo] with me and seeing my team win [Geox] was the best culmination to my career.”

Gracias por todo, Carlos!

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