On inspiration

I received an incredibly inspiring email on our return from a short trip out to Tofino. A good friend of mine wanted a new cap so I made him a Giro cap at his request, which he wears handsomely, I might add. I was then told of a conversation between father and son that followed, in which, 5 year-old Miles (pictured above) was informed that Cima Coppi attempts to source all materials from recycled, or offcut origins. As followers of the blog know, we don’t subscribe to the standard supply chain and instead ‘dumspter-dive’ still useable new or preloved materials for our jerseys and hats. The cap in this context uses a yogurt container for the brim stiffener and off-cut wool for the body of the cap.

The result? A nice cycling cap for sure, but more importantly, for us at least, a little idea of what is possible with unconventional thinking. Miles, for his part, is holding a very impressive cardboard airplane he constructed the next morning to show his father, all out of materials he found in the recycle bin. Inspiration, full circle. Thank you Miles.

First step: a recycled airplane across the lawn? and in twenty years: a recycled airplane across the country?


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