Something a little lighter

Straight up, the first week of this year’s tour has been a nightmare. Far too many crashes have resulted in Vinokourov, Wiggins, Brajkovic, Ven Den Brouck, Horner, and Boonen (all jersey contenders) leaving the race with serious injury. Add to that, Contador (4! times), Kloden, Vande Velde, Leipheimer, Gesink, Hesjedal, Kreuziger, and Karpets have all had serious crashes that, either threaten their overall chances due to injury or have delayed them to the point that they sit out of contention, or both. Lastly, who will ever forget two accidents in one tour involving vehicles in which Sorenson, Flecha and Hoogerland are hugely fortunate to not have been more seriously injured or worse.

Sheesh. With all of this in mind, we need a little comedic break for the rest day before the mayhem begins again tomorrow. Enjoy.


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