Too much exercise is bad? Not likely.

An interesting study found in the Journal of Sports Medicine is claiming that frequent, extremely intense exercise may not be bad for one’s health as was previously thought.

It’s long been accepted that moderate efforts of approximately 30 minutes, several times a week is not only incredibly beneficial for one’s health immediately, but is also great for long-term health and increases resistance to disease and heart related health issues. However, it was also widely accepted that frequent exercise, at extreme intensity, can, in fact, be problematic and may not be good for one’s overall health.

However, the aforementioned study out of the University of Valencia in Spain is challenging that notion. Researchers examined the average life expectancy of participants in the Tour de France from 1930 to 1964 and compared them against the average life expectancy at the time and found that even with the incredibly extreme nature of the Tour de France the athletes lived 17% longer than expected.

So, should we all be aiming for massive, super-endurance sporting? Maybe not, and especially not if you’re just starting out. But, there appears to be increasing clarity to the idea that the more exercise we do, the healthier we are, potentially irrespective of the level of stress, frequency and demand.

So get out there, do it hard and do it often. It might just be good for you.


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