New Wool Jersey Design – Team Cima Coppi

Team(a) Coppi? At this point, I use the word “team” a little more casually than most would, because we’re a tiny company and because my ambitions for a collection of riders is less to strive for any level of racing excellence and more to try and motivate myself to get out of the studio, stop working and do more meaningful efforts/rides. Maybe I should start working on fewer run-on sentences.

In all seriousness, I love riding and I love having a little kick-in-the-ass, a little extra motivation, to get myself really going. I’ve been doing MS bike tour rides, when I’ve been able, for nearly 10 years (although I’ve missed many being overseas studying) and did my solo, BC Cancer Foundation, 10:1 “Everest in a day” ride up and down Seymour (something I may re-visit in the future and get more people involved). I made this jersey, this weekend, simply for the ride to Smuggler’s Cove and the jersey worked great. Really comfortable, cool, and has extra-beefy pockets for stuffing full of gear. The new design and pattern fits very well.

So, the first Cima Coppi branded jersey is available, and I’ll be honest, aggressive branding isn’t something I’m so good at, but, at least for me, the jersey stands for something. It’s for those people who have, or want to support a tiny, principled-based-company trying to make something remotely sustainable in a crazy world. For those people who want to ride with others (in any jersey actually) who share ideas, opportunities and ability. Or, for people who want to wear it because it’s super comfortable, tough and they think it looks cool. Anyway, it’s just a jersey. I feel like I’m making it sound like a big deal, and maybe, in some ways, for me it is. It reminds me how far Cima Coppi has come, and yet, how far we’ve got to go, to get where we set out to get. It’s our ‘kick-in-the-ass’ jersey.

What do you think?

The Cima Coppi Team jersey is available here

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