Introducing Hub and Bespoke

We were down in the US to see the Godspeed! You Black Emperors show a few months back and were wandering around Seattle’s Fremont district doing the tourist thing. While there, we happened across this really cool little bike wear shop called Hub and Bespoke and met the wonderfully charming Juliette Delfs who is co-owner and visionary of it all.

Juliette has amassed a collection of great products and solutions for everyday biking which blurs the line between effective riding-wear and stylish, comfortable casual clothing, and in fact, Juliette may question whether there need be a line at all. Most of the products found in the store are made from wool – pants, knickers, socks and tops. Helmets aren’t futuristic and aggressive, they are simple and functional. Jackets are stylish and sharp, not covered in reflective tape and made of plastic.

The great news for us, is that Juliette felt that our wool jerseys would be right at home and we totally agree. We’ve created a first line of jerseys to test the waters at Hub and Bespoke focusing on darker tones and simple lines. We’ve always thought our jerseys to have the best in functional comfort for riding but also to be great for everything you want to do off the bike, and that meshes with Hub and Bespoke finely. We’re really excited about being part of this store, so check it out!

Hub and Bespoke
513 N 36th Street
Seattle, WA
M,W,Th 12-7
F, Sa 12-6
Sun 12-5


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