E3-Prijs Harelbeke – Cancellara Show

Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Fabian Cancellara. I googled Jason Voorhees and one of the most fitting descriptions of him Fabian was: “Jason Voorhees Fabian Cancellara is the best slasher rider ever, because he can’t die and has unlimited strength!”

Another display of insanity in the E3-Prijs Harelbeke as Fabian Cancellara powers off the front, that’s right, the front of the group while the tragedy of the commons sit around and watch him speed away. Now, it’s easy for me to type this sitting on the couch early in the morning, oh it’s very easy, but, we know how this movie is going to end IF, the chase group sits up and rides for second place.

Certainly, a group of 15 hardmen can kill Jason err… catch Fabian. The problem is, they don’t want to and I wouldn’t either. Whoever goes to the front to catch Fabian and turns himself inside out with, say, four others (Svein Tuft, Heinrich Haussler, Bram Tankink and Serguei Ivanov all had various goes at organizing it), end up wasted for the sprint against those who don’t pull. Inevitably, it is better for you if you don’t chase down Fabian and let him race off to the win. They better get it figured out for next weekend because Fabian isn’t going to wait for anyone at the Ronde or Roubaix, and Tom cannot be the only one who chases.

With about 40km to go, Cancellara was in the fourth group with Farrar, Hushovd, Devolder and many other favorites. Sep Vanmarcke who had a heck of a race was alone off the front and the second group contained Haussler and Terpstra who were hammering hard. There was a third group about 15 guys large stuck between. Fabian rode off the front off G4 about 4 km after a bike change with a derailleur problem, and caught G3 alone. He then towed all of G3 up to G2, with one epic pull, where he met up with Stuart O’Grady. Leopard, and specifically O’Grady gave Fabian a little break and pulled it all back together and with about 5km to go Bram Tankink attacked, cramped and set up a Fabian counter attack that ended the race. Cancellara TT’d away from the group and the group responded sporadically, eventually with it all being to-little-to-late.

E3-Prijs Harelbeke Top Ten
1. Fabian Cancellara (Leopard)_____4’34’51
2. Jurgen Roelandts (Lotto)________+1’00”
3. Vladimir Gusev (Katusha)
4. Sep Vanmarcke (Garmin)
5. Bram Tankink (Rabobank)
6. William Bonnet (FDJ)____________+1’01”
7. Heinrich Haussler (Garmin)______+1’06”
8. Sebastian Hinault (AG2R)
9. Stuart O’Grady (Leopard)
10. Serguei Ivanov (Katusha)


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