New Logo for 2011

I’ve been working on a new logo for Cima Coppi, something more powerful, iconic and that captures the core ideas of Cima Coppi more than the hat does from years back. I’d like to hear feedback on the design. Like it? Hate it? Leave a comment and let me know what you think, or vote in the poll (poll closed).

The inspiration for the logo were numerous factors. The double “C” in Cima Coppi, the green kite which marks the Gran Premio della Montagna (the mountain climb peak… or cima), the curves found in many switchbacks of the winding mountain climb, a sort-of ‘infinite’ cyclical element (at least optically) of using recycled/reclaimed materials.

I’ve long used Neutraface for the font on many Cima Coppi elements as I prefer it to both Futura and Century Gothic. I think its a better ‘weighted’ font, but I’m no typography expert. I like it’s architectural roots, deco elements and simple functional geometry. That part for me was easy.

The logo itself continues the idea of simple geometry, function and adds colour. I think that’s what Cima Coppi is about in many ways – simplicity, functionality and colour.

The old logo for direct comparison:

EDIT #2: Based on more feedback, and some good conversations, the world champion colours will have to wait until someone wins the world championship wearing a Cima Coppi jersey. Until then, I’ve dropped two stripes, making it just three stripes continuing the ‘three-colours’ theme of Cima Coppi. This allows us to reflect the idea of hub manufacturing in our near future.

Cima Coppi Canada:

Cima Coppi Spain:

I don’t know if that means that the future Cima Coppi headquarters needs to be in Moldova? I won’t take the association that far. Well, keep giving me feedback, I appreciate hearing it from those who have, as I can’t push this thing forward alone.


6 thoughts on “New Logo for 2011

  1. OK, I do have strong opinions on this. But they are just mine, and its your vision.

    I’m not huge into tradition, but tradition says the champ stripes are reserved for brands that have “won” championships. I also feel the stripes are a little over played right now, generally.

    My first reaction to the double C is that it looks like other bike logos at the moment. Super Champ and Chari and Co. are the closest, and Cadence certainly pops to mind.

    I think the hat was really good. My vote is to restyle it to make it bolder and incorporate the green triangle in somewhere. I think it has far more class. I think Cima Coppi style is in line with Rapha and Wheelman & Co.. There is a hint of the hand made, rather than a rigidly formal/industrial, which the new design screams at me.

    Also, the green triangle is pretty clever.

    Neutra is a good reference. I’ve been to a couple Neutra houses and they are modern, but are more in touch with nature than the industrialists or brutalists. My only feedback on it is to play around with the different font weights and kerning.

    But you obviously have a more complete vision of what you see for the branding/graphics.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      The WC stripes didn’t sit well from the point of tradition either, and are being changed. However, the concept: colours of the flags (like in many of my jerseys) fits, and the cycling element is obvious.

      The other companies… I hadn’t ever heard of Wheelman or Chari and co. which the former looks similar to my first logo. I don’t think it looks much like Super Champ or Cadence, unless you focus on them both being round… which is thousands of logos. Earlier iterations looked too Cinelli for me.

      Re: the original logo. I’ve moved beyond that. I think although it was the first one, it doesn’t possess any of the emerging elements of the brand. Elements in products that have been customer lead. The hat, as the old logo stands is vague, especially when alone, and hats aren’t the centre-piece of the brand anymore.

      Colour is, and the jerseys are and that’s the direction I am heading because that’s what people tell me they are most excited about…the jerseys.

      The Neutra home is an association I like/want… modern, and rooted.

  2. A different color scheme and I’ll like the stripes. What if the CC were striped instead of black?

    I agree that the hat makes it seem like you primarily make hats.

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