Winter Project Bike

Winter riding. I had finished a project winter/heavy touring bike a bit back. It’s pretty comfortable, fast and strong. It’s also a little crazy and looks totally unrideable, but that’s just the illusion due to the sloping frame and seemingly way-to-high seatpost. It’s actually more upright than riding in the drops on my road bike.

Well, keep riding, snow or no-snow, wherever you may be. Spring is just around the corner. Honest.

I wanted a fast, cheap, strong everyday winter bike, that I could use for touring/camping. I began with a ’95 Kona race light MTB frame with v-brake bosses.

It’s now about the same as riding in the drops on my road bike (a little more upright), but, it sure isn’t an upright setup. It has road components and 700c wheels. You could accomplish a more neutral position with the stem flipped over and some riser bars vs flat bars, but I like it this way, looks more interesting. It’s not uncomfortable for me either.

I wanted 700c wheels vs 26″, so that meant changing the front fork (which I had lying around) and the headset (which is that crankbros stainless…it’s really nice and worth more than the rest of the bike)

I also wanted road cranks, and those are an old set of 105’s I had in my trash heap. It means only being able to run a single ring because of chain stay clearance (meant to accommodate a fat MTB tire), but I didn’t want the 39 anyway. 105 rear derailleur.

Friction shifting 9 speed with the old 7 speed index/friction thumb lever.

Long reach brakes for the back.

It’s pretty light and fast, and the gearing ain’t bad. I did a sub 41min Cypress on that bike to the top 15km hut, so it’s ok for climbing.

It takes a rack and panniers well and overall I’m pretty happy with it considering the performance vs investment. Plus I couldn’t get $100 for that bike in it’s original state so it’s better to keep.


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