Garmin-Cervelo sneek peek.

It’s the off-season. News is slow, but anticipation is high. The new co-lab team Garmin – Cervelo has given us a bit more to think about with the above picture. Let’s cover the obvious wins. 1.) They toned down the argyle. 2.) They kept the retro/minimal clean lines of Cervelo. 3.) …

Now, the losses. 1.) Black and blue. Try distinguishing them from Team SKY from the helicopter cam. They even have the blue collar. Yeesh. 2.) We haven’t seen the shorts yet, but I’m assuming the understated argyle will continue. All I can say is they better not look like a blue argyle kilt done in spandex. 3.)…

Ok, so we may have too little information to go on yet, but, straight-up, I’m disappointed that they chose blue to go with the black and white text. It’s too similar to Team SKY. I understand the blue is from the Garmin arrow, but SKY beat you to it. Sorry, it’s a really nice jersey that looks great, but, for the sporting event, it’s just too similar to what already exists.

Oh well, it makes it easy for me to change the colour on the concept bike design I hypothesized. Looks pretty good, but I preferred the red. Even Orange.

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