Introducing Planet

Perhaps, you already know about, and if you do, great! If not, these people are doing some great work on the Carbon Offsets front. We don’t think that Carbon Offsets are the only answer to our flying and shipping impact, but it certainly is an answer, while the aviation world makes great progress to zero emissions transport, and we make progress toward not needing air freight. Carbon offsets create funding for a portfolio of renewable energy and projects which help preserve or restore carbon sinks such as forests and oceans.

We’ve found that to date, we are responsible for .54 tons of CO2 due to international air freight. As a continued commitment to our sustainability goals, today we offset twice that amount and purchased 1.08tons of CO2e offsets. For those new to offsets the ‘e’ following CO2 stands for equivalent. We will continue to purchase offsets, until we’ve reached our goal of diversified manufacturing centers, and then we can ship only using ground options such as train, truck and bicycle.

Please visit our updated sustainability page to learn more about our commitment and progress toward eventually becoming a sustainable organization.


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