Promenader – Cima Coppi now available in Japan!

I have really exciting news to share with all of you. Cima Coppi is now being sold in Fukuoka, Japan in an absolutely stellar store called Promenader. Takeshi Ohara is the man stomping the gears that move Promenader and he contacted us and asked if he could sell Cima Coppi wears. What could we say? Other than, Certainly! We are, of course, tremendously happy to be in a store with such a great alignment of products, design and values. Takeshi holds a sharp eye for really great products and sells, along with many other superb offerings, Independent Fabrication bicycles and we’re honored to be amongst them. So, if you’re in Japan, check the store out, as it’s right on the mark. I know we’re trying our best to get there as soon as possible. I’ve got a feeling the next Cima Coppi Tour may be on the other side of the Pacific.

For more photos

Meet a really great guy, Takeshi Ohara.
The Promenader storefront, welcoming you inside.
Cima Coppi jersey and cap, front and center.

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