Québec GP Cycliste – Today!

The Pro-tour has it’s first event in North America this year with two stops in Québec. First up, is today’s very hilly Québec GP Cycliste and then Sunday for the Montréal GP Cycliste, which is the old Olympic course. If you want to view the race online visit Radio-Canada.

If you prefer to see it in a cafe, I’ve arranged both races to be shown at Giancarlo’s cafe – 1865 Commericial Drive. I’ll be there around noon today with tickets for Sunday’s fundraiser for the MS Bike Tour. On Sunday, we will be at Giancarlo’s starting at noon and watching the race and giving away prizes for a by-donation contest. Buy a poker chip with a rider’s name for $5, or 5 for $20, and if your rider wins, you win! Winners will be based from the podium of the Montréal GP.

Come down to Giancarlo’s today to see the finish of the Québec GP and buy your rider-poker-chips for Sunday’s Montréal GP give-away!


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