MS Bike Tour Fundraiser – Montréal GP Cycliste in HD

We’re having a little event to fund-raise for the upcoming MS Bike Tour which provides funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation of Canada. For all of you who are riding the Whistler Gran Fondo, drop by on Sunday with your tired legs and relax inside, dry, with good coffee and Canada’s new pro-tour race!

We’ll be showing the Montréal GP Cycliste pro-tour race, featuring Canadian stars such as Ryder Hesjedal and Svein Tuft, live on the TVs in High Def. So come out and watch, and, perhaps you’ll even win something, but you’ll need to make a small donation to play, so bring small bills and support our MS Bike Tour team!

How it’s going to work: A $5 donation gets you one poker chip w/ a rider’s name printed on it. You randomly select your chip from a hat, and this rider represents your chance to win. $20 gets you five rider’s name chips. Podium finishers win! Prizes will be awarded and include a custom merino jersey.

NOTE: I will be at Giancarlo’s for the Quebec event, Fri. 10th, from 12-2pm if you want to pre-buy chips.

To make a donation to our team now visit our team page

For more about the MS bike tour and MS research visit the MS Society of Canada Bike Tours page

Where: Giancarlo’s Cafe, and When: Sept.12th @ 12pm (race will be available from 9am-2pm on the TV.)


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