2010 Cima Coppi Tour – Day 9b – Rest Day

A is for architecture, B is for bicycle, see it all in one extra day in Burgos? Not likely, as Burgos has much to offer, and this post is picture-book-time. You’ll get the idea pretty quickly that I spent my only rest day off the bike taking in the second stage of the 2010 Vuelta of Burgos, and then visiting a lot of cathedrals.

The morning streets before the race...dramatic and impressive
The Vuelta of Burgos first came in '41, and then became a multi-day event in '98
Getting close to Basque country, and where there are Basques, there is orange and a golden Asturiano.
Speaking of the golden Boy, Sammy Sanchez won the second stage that day and the overall.
Caisse D'Epargne was there of course, along with the Spanish national champ Iván Gutiérrez
Groupset arguments and bartape colour aside, these have got to be the nicest looking bikes in the peloton.
Pro-peloton trashtalk - Pippo: We're winning the TT tomorrow, Nibs: Whatever, we're winning the overall, capice? Pippo: So?...uhh, I'm better looking, Nibs: You looking for a kiss or something?
Time to settle it on the road
Then there were Gothic Cathedrals...
...and then more of them right next door...
... and then inside of them all.
...and then it was nearly time to sleep. The next day I went over that hill to La Rioja's capital city Logroño, in search of Spain's best wines.

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