2010 Cima Coppi Tour – Les Pyrénées

It’s less than one week until we’re off to Spain, and although the weather has been abysmal here, and we’ve both been fighting with sickness over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been managing to keep getting some training km’s in. It’s only 15 days until we set of to Huesca and the first week of the Cima Coppi Tour gets underway.

Our journey, which will take us through five days of very demanding riding in the French Pyrenees, will certainly be a tough challenge and we’re hoping that we’ve done enough riding to give ourselves the conditioning we need. We set out to do about 1400km’s of training before we leave on the 18th of July and we’ve just gotten ourselves 18km over the 1000km mark with our ride yesterday.

That 95km we did yesterday, was another run on the hilly route out the Horseshoe bay and then continued on to Lions bay to get the ride up to near 100km. Patricia was super strong, but I was sucking wind on the climbs as I’ve been feeling down this last week, like a cold is knocking on the door. Hopefully, we’ll find the time in amongst all the million other things we need to do this week to do a couple of short rides, and we’d like to do one in Spain as a conditioner to the weather and local time.

Training km’s: 95km
Training time: approx 5:00 w/ breaks
Week 5 total to date: 160km (7:30)
Week 5 goal: 200km
Total training to date: 1018km (44:16)

We missed a few updates of Stanley loops, on Wednesday and two two weeks ago so the training numbers are really not that accurate in terms of time and such, but I believe I am correct now with the km’s. As well, I’ve done an additional 3-6 hours on the rollers so this is really on a ball park idea, but I’m going with it. Do people prefer tracking training km’s or time? I guess both is best.

Well, here’s hoping we can squeeze in a bit more before we fly and one or so when we arrive during that first week in Spain.


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