Three Wasp Stings, Two Pinch Flats and Cartridge Bearing Keos

Bike route 549487 – powered by Bikemap 

Training km’s: 130km
Training time: approx 6:00 w/ breaks
Week 5 total to date: 150km (5:00)
Week 5 goal: 200km
Total training to date: 818km (35:46)

Yesterday, we set out to have a relatively easy ride with lots of km’s and it turned into a frustrating ride with two flats, three wasp-stings and an abandoned route. This is all while I was really looking forward to just relaxing and spinning and trying the new combination of my DMT Kyoma Track shoes with my new Look Keo 2 max pedals.

The pedals and shoes both were great and I would have to be super-critical to find any complaints with either. The DMT Kyoma track shoes are still the most comfortable shoes I have ever tried on, even after a long 6+ hours with them on my feet yesterday. I even got compliments on them from another cyclist while we were stopped for lunch at Crescent Beach. The only complaints I would have with the shoes, which are discontinued so I won’t spend too much time on them, are that they are a little warm, and if you tighten the top laces too much, they do dig in a little under the ankle. However, both issues are hardly worth complaining about in comparison to the superior comfort.

Matching the DMT Track shoes with the Look pedals is like a dream. I’ll do a full review on the pedals at another time when I have a bit more experience with them, but so far I am thoroughly impressed. My only complaint is a result of the fact that I bought white pedals. These things are going to get dirty fast. They already have a collection of marks and the white graphite seems impossible to clean, meaning the collection is permanent. I should have bought grey.

The enjoyment of the ride itself was distracted by numerous frustrating incidents starting with a pinch flat on the north side of the Alex Fraser bridge. This repaired tube, was leaking again and nearly flat 20 minutes later, this time forcing us to change it on a little detour through a forest and being at the mercy of the mosquitoes. Looking for a slow leak in a tube with 10 mosquitoes buzzing around you is hugely frustrating and I have a nice smear of smashed mosquito and two drips of my own blood on the ass of my shorts now thanks to that pit stop.

This wasn’t the only run-in with insects either as descending into White Rock at about 50kmph a wasp flew down my unzipped jersey and proceeded to sting it’s way out of it’s merino wool cage. Three painful welts later and I had freed the little bugger without going into the ditch. Shortly thereafter we were tired, hot, swollen chested and cranky and what was originally planned to be a 160km loop got sliced down to just under 130. We had enough for a Saturday.


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