Finally a day of Sun – Mountain Training.

Bike route 523518 – powered by Bikemap 

Training km’s: 72km
Training time: 4:00 (72km)
Week 5 total to date: 72km (4:00)
Week 5 goal: 200km
Total training to date: 464km (20:16)

We finally got a day of sun and bee-lined it to Cypress to take advantage of that fact. It was the first time Patricia had ever climbed a mountain and she did really well – 1:10 for the full 15km (12.8kmph avg.) while fighting through some cramping. Due to a lot of the poor weather, other than a ride to Point Roberts, it’s been a lot of time on the rollers and not much time on the road. Combine that with the fact that we rode after work and a four-hour 72km training session seemed more tiring than maybe it should have. A really good day to focus on positives, but at the same time, it is important to note that we’re quite a bit behind schedule on the training due to the weather. Yesterday, we weren’t trying to set any time records, and were just focused on getting up the mountain and then we spent about 25 minutes at the top taking in the views. It was good to get in the much needed ride. Bring on the Tourmalet!


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