The Genius of Oscar Freire

In the words of Oscarito, when it’s raining outside one should “Stay at home and ride the rollers.” Well, if you haven’t heard, it rains really often in Vancouver and May has lived up to that reputation. I think it’s rained everyday for the last two weeks with no end in sight. Of course, there are boatloads of people who will say “HTFU man, ride in the rain” but are you gonna say that to Oscar Freire?..nope. Plus, we’re 1.5 Spaniards here so we do things “tranquilo.”

Our last outdoor training ride was on Saturday, in the rain, and before that: May 16th…ouch! that’s not good. So, in the meanwhile I have subscribed to the Oscar Freire training regime. Thank the cycling gods for the Giro d’Italia because the only sensible way to ride the rollers is going really, really hard and that much effort is just no fun if you don’t have cycling racing to distract from that effort. I’ve done 45 minute sessions on both Tuesday and Thursday the last two weeks at very high intensity (90%). It’s really no replacement for being outside, but you sure as hell seem to sweat more. We hope to get up Cypress Mountain this week, but it’s still a little cold up there and the rain makes it a pretty miserable, cold, slippery descent. So not tranquilo. More like, peligroso. Anyway, we’ll see how the week goes.


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