2010 Cima Coppi Tour – Sunday Training

Bike route 494515 – powered by Bikemap

Training km’s: 91km
Training time: 3:40 (91km)
Week 2 total to date: 176km (6:51)
Week 2 goal: 200km
Total training to date: 327km (13:16)

We did a modified Pacific Populaire route because we didn’t get to do the actual populaire (100km BC randonneur ride) because we were both sick when it was on. I didn’t follow the actual route exactly, but it was pretty close and just 9km short. I’m really happy with our time for the ride: 3:40 for 91km. At that pace, we would have finished the Pacific Populaire in about 4 hours (~4:02, 4:32 w/breaks). This is very encouraging because it’s good to see the progress Patricia and I are making riding together as last’s year’s Populaire took us 6:35 riding more casually with some friends. Regardless, improving our time by two hours in just one year is excellent and a good sign for the upcoming European Tour.


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