2010 Cima Coppi Tour – Sunday Training

Bike route 482045 – powered by Bikemap 

Training km’s: 81km
Training time: 2:05 (42km) 1:30 (+39km)
Total to date: 151km (6:25)
Week 1 goal: 150km

Pre: Our Sunday route to Maple Ridge and back which brings us to our goal of 150km for the week. We’ll take the long way and climbed over Burnaby Mountain to get a little more elevation gain in. Next week we’ll be aiming for 220km as opposed to this week’s 150km.

Post: Man, what a nightmare training ride yesterday. Within the first ten minutes, I had broken the brake cable on my fixed gear. (BTW, I do this training on a 52×14 fixed with a front brake) So, we had to turn around and come home for repairs. Then at the base of Burnaby Mountain Patricia gets a flat, which I patch, then it’s still leaking, so I do it again. Oh, two changes isn’t even half of them.

By the time we get to the LBS (500m away) it’s flat again, I buy a tube and change it, but the valve is too short. So I take it out and ask for a longer one…which they don’t have. They also don’t have valve extensions. So I take the tube out of my front tire switch it with Patricia’s back tire and put the short valve in mine. 5 tube changes in about 1hr 40m. Awful.

The rest of the ride goes without too much trouble. It was Patricia’s first mountain climb, which we went to the top of Burnaby mountain, and her response was “I need something harder”. My response to that was: “OK! Perfect”. Burnaby mountain isn’t particularly difficult, it rises from 91m to 330m in 4km (6.0% avg.) but it is a good first climb test and the first time she has done over 500m gain in one day, with yesterday being 630m. I guess our next goal will be Cypress and a 200km week.


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