Giro D’Italia Friday Trivia

Update: AND we have a Friday winner. Great! Thanks for being such great sports. Both the trivia contests produced winners, the Thursday contest took about 17 hours to get 9 correct responses and today’s took 28 minutes to get 3 correct. Thanks everyone who played. Winners will be announced on Saturday.

Win a free Cima Coppi Giro cycling cap (seen here), handmade from recycled wool. Today, were are looking for the third correct respondent (as opposed to the ninth, like yesterday which took a while. Hey, we’re learning.)

All answers must be submitted to Only fully completed correct answers will be eligible. Remember, only one entry per day per person. Good luck and have fun.

Submit your answers which fill in the blanks: (Read carefully)

Cima Coppi makes Merino wool cycling jerseys with wool from the Merino sheep. Merino sheep were originally bred/developed in Spain in the 14th century and used for fine clothing, but high volume production demands have had negative results for small Spanish sheep farms, all but eliminating Spain from the competitive market.

Currently in Spain, Merino sheep are more often used for only their milk, in fine cheeses such as ___________ from Cáceres, which is aged in caves, and very delicious. Cima Coppi hopes to work with small farms in Spain and centuries old wool producers to get merino wool for garments that will be sold in Europe. Our aim is to bring work to small farms in communities such as Limanes in Asturias, the home of _______________, the first Spaniard to win the Cima Coppi prize in 1972. He also won the Cima Coppi prize in 1973 and 1974.

We will post when we have a winner, but the winner will be announced on Saturday after the completion of the prologue stage of the 2010 Giro.

PS. We have our winner for the Thursday trivia so that contest is closed.


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