2010 Cima Coppi Tour – Training

Bike route 479798 – powered by Bikemap 

Training km’s: 30km
Training time: 1:20 (28km)
Total to date: 30km
Week 1 goal: 150km

A moderate ride just to get some km’s in and loosen the legs. It’s also the first time Patricia and I have ‘trained’ together vs. just riding. Last year I used this route many times to get some evening training done. The route has numerous benefits from it’s close proximity to my house to the low traffic volumes/speeds and the variable terrain. There is one very short hill which is 1000m long and rises 52m (5.2%) but with that said, if you do it right, you can make yourself hurt. Add to the fact that you can do it again and again, it’s a good uphill interval sprint. PS, if you’re following along and wondering, it’s 9km to the park (18km round) from our house, so although three loops of Stanley Park is actually 27.6km, I round up to 30km due to the distance at commuter pace to get there and back. I think that 18km is worth 2.4km of focused riding to keep the numbers simple.

With nine weeks to go until this year’s Cima Coppi Tour, Patricia and I have got to get cracking. The weather has been cool and wet, much more so than last year, and that has delayed much of our plans to get a head start on conditioning. However, it’s beginning now and we plan to ride loops of Stanley Tuesdays and Thursdays after work, in addition to the daily commute.

Last year my training goals were overly ambitious so I’m using the 2009 numbers as my goals for this year.

Those number were as follows, but it is important to note that this year we have 9 weeks plus one week rest, whereas last year I had 6 plus one rest week.

2009 training distances:
W1 – 140km
W2 – 220km
W3 – 190km
W4 – 161km (sick)
W5 – 461km
W6 – 160km
Total: 1332km in 6 weeks.


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