Six degrees of …float??

Something caught my eye the other day that I couldn’t quite put my finger on and then this morning it came to me like a shot fired from a pistol. That’s it! It began with Alberto’s affinity for hats, which, not unlike our own preference for the cap, doesn’t go unnoticed. Although, the baseball cap? Come on Bert, it’s just not as classic a look. But. I. Digress. So, did you all notice Alberto Contador’s new hat of recent? Sure, you did, you saw it at the Vuelta a Castilla y Leon. It’s the white one third from the left:

It’s a further departure of the logo branding the Alberto Contador empire. It began with the pistol celebration, evolved to the “El Pistolero” nickname, and now it’s a trademark. On a hat. The new logo, I will admit, is pretty cool and much better than the last one which was far too literal of a visual translation.

Here, however, is where I got all perplexed. I had seen that ‘wing-like’ logo before. And I’ll be honest with you, it was nagging me like crazy as I was trying to remember where. Bang. bang. I got it. The Echelon Gran Fondo. About two months ago I was looking for Gran Fondo events local to Vancouver (as the Whistler Gran Fondo is already sold out) and I came across the Echelon Gran Fondo, with one in Portland, and it’s logo:

See the similarity? If you’re not interested yet, you should keep reading. I promise angels, conspiracies, predictions and more. If you were already interested…well, you…should…

What does Alberto Contador’s new logo have to do with some Gran Fondo somewhere? Well, I’ll tell you, in a round about way. If you visit the Echelon Gran Fondo website you’ll see *Shock, Horror, Gasp* this:

Wait a minute. Isn’t that Jana Ireton? Who is Jana Ireton?, you ask. Hello!, the Specialized® Angel! You know, the somewhat cheesy Guardian Angel that flew around protecting Specialized® riders from 5 years ago. ‘Tis her:

Or you might remember her from when she (edit: or another?) showed up at the ’06 Giro D’Italia and caused all sorts of problems, especially distracting the infamous Giro Devil from doing his customary pitchforking.

Well, it appears she is back, and seems to have a new contract with someone else, because the relationship with Specialized® looks like it’s over. Over, at least, financially, but not through the six degrees of iconography. Wait a minute. So Bert rides a Specialized®, but how the heck did he get her wings for the new logo? Well, Jana seems to have gotten an equipment make-over according to the photo evidence, now donning a Titanium breast plate for extra protection. The Ti. breast plate is rumored to be 15 grams lighter weight than the steel counter part found on Centaur’s according to by the way. Ahem, ummm, moving on.

It is all starting to make sense to me as well that the Echelon Angel would be protected because if I remember correctly the Specialized Angel suffered a friendly demise at the hands of Cannondale, Liquigas and Filippo Pozzato as evidenced here:

So, now, everything is coming together because I have been wondering for a long while why Pippo Pozzato got that subtle message on his back (see below). I am convinced that when he and Bert were working together for Sidi shoes, that Alberto made the introduction between Pippo and the Angel. My thoughts are, Contador stole the wings while she’s asleep (the new logo) after Pippo stole her…well… let’s just say that explains the tattoo.

So because of all of this, I’m picking Fillipo Pozzato to win Liege-Bastogne-Liege this Sunday. What’s that? No hope in hell, you say? That would be a miracle, you think? Well, I say…look who the man has been dealing with. Wait, what else? He’s not even racing L-B-L? Damn, and I thought I was on to something big. Oh well, I have a pretty good idea of what Pippo will be doing, and God, go easy on the judging…I mean, he’s only human. Ok, so instead let’s go with Contador FTW as he’s got the wings to do it and now you know where he got them.


One thought on “Six degrees of …float??

  1. Hello There,

    I happened upon this post while searching the internet, I do… It just so happens I designed this logo for Alberto about 5 years ago now when I was a designer at Trek. I would be glad to share it origins and initial concept of the design. Hope you are well!

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