Cima Coppi Rides #2 – Recap

The day of the ride began with a better-than-expected attendance of the Milan San Remo live showing at Giancarlo’s cafe. Between 10-12 hard-ass cyclists were sipping coffee at 7am in to take in the race, grabbed a bite and prepped for their own various training, racing or the Cima Coppi jaunt out to Whytecliff park. It was rad to see so many people out, meet a few new faces and take in the race with such an amazing finish. Giancarlo’s was also so impressed with the attendance that we’ll be showing as many races as possible/as interested in throughout the year!

The Ride itself got a mixed crew of early morning race watchers and not, and the group was great. Jeff, Andrew, Tyler, Lenny, Nicole, Gil, Mark and myself set off for Whytecliff, at a good pace under beautiful weather and chilled at the beach for an hour and a bit. Unbeknownst to me, no one had been to Whytecliff previously except Andrew so the destination was a nice change for most and all the scuba-newbies provided comic interludes as they fumbled around. We headed back as the weather started clouding over, grabbed food at Tomahawk and rolled back into Vancouver around 5 with about 80km under our belts. However, Nicole, wanting to get the calories burned up to about 18,000,000 rode home to the suburbs bringing her round to near 120km. Awesome.

Pics to follow from Lenny.


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