DMT Kyoma Track shoes

I’m a Sidi guy. I have always loved Sidi shoes and thought they were the shoe for me. They’re durable, light and, most importantly, fit my foot very well. I have a medium-wide foot up front and a very skinny heel. I’ve tried almost every shoe out there from Shimano, Nike, Specialized, Diadorra, Time, Lake, Northwave, Vittoria and Adidas. You name it, I’ve tried to get it to fit. Nothing. I’ve always bought Sidi because it fits well enough, and I thought the perfectly fitting shoe didn’t exist. That was, until I tried the DMT Kyoma Track.

When Sean @ OnTheRivet got in a whole boatload of DMT shoes I was excited. Very excited. I wanted to try them all, and low and behold…a similar story. DMT shoes fit excellently, and are beautifully crafted, but they just didn’t fit my foot at any improvement enough to get me out of my crappy old Sidis. That was, until he pulled out the Kyoma Track.

As I understand it, the Kyoma Track shoe has been discontinued by DMT. This is a new old stock model (from 2007-08) and it’s a shame they no longer make it. First, this is an absolutely gorgeous shoe, and the retro-appeal of the laces had me interested immediately. They’re light, they’re white (?!?!), and they look unique with the laces. So I tried them and after I tried them I bought them.

Now, I know you’re likely thinking, yeah sure they look cool, but laces, come on? Yes, laces. And not only because they look cool, but how they fit. This shoe is perhaps the most comfortable item I have ever put on my foot, quite literally on par with surfing booties. In fact, they fit so well, I am not at all deterred by the regular knocks against laces: 1. No quick micro adjustments while riding as with buckles, 2. Likely to get caught in the crankset, 3. If they get wet, they’ll stretch and then you have to stop and re-tie them, 4. When you foot swells from long rides, you have to stop and re-tie them. None of this deters me because you just cannot get the same fit from velcro/buckles as you can from laces.

The shoes technically are excellent. They are a high-end shoe, meant for track use (hence the laces, for ease with toe-clip/clipless entry) and they feature a “super light hardened carbon” sole. They are also made with DMT’s “sock-fit technology”, which ultimately means, few or no overlapping seams for increased comfort. The outers are a little on the shiny side of things, but are thin, supple, well vented and without unnecessary seams or ‘design applique.

DMT has been making shoes for the pro-peleton for years, and having them re-branded if needed under sponsor names in the same fashion Andy Walser had been making swiss carbon superbikes for Bianchi and many other teams. Well, today I understand why, and that reason is fit.

If you’re a local, head down to OnTheRivet and grab a pair of DMT’s for the new season, you will love them. As well, the prices Sean has on them will send you away smiling like a criminal, but don’t go looking for the Kyoma Track, cause they’re all sold out already.

240g/shoe (42)

Diamant DMT


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