Team SpiderTech – Planet Energy. A Canadian Pro-tour team.

Steve Bauer is determined to make the impossible, possible. The Canadian who has worn the yellow jersey 14 times, and one who wants an all-Canadian team in a Euro dominated sport, is just the man to do so. Bauer has long had the ambition to create a Canadian funded, supplied and staffed team to compete at the highest level of road racing, including the Tour de France. His critics have been vocal, saying that financially and culturally, this has too many barriers to happen, and that’s before they begin talking talent, advertising and viewership. The arguments are strong, but perhaps less-so than Bauers optimism.

“We’re going to grow this team into the future with a vision that we believe that we can take it to the top,” Bauer said. “And there’s no reason why we shouldn’t stand here all together and think we should go halfway. We should aim for the Tour de France. We should aim for the top.”

The team, which had existed under slightly different structure as Team Planet Energy, will now include main sponsors SpiderTech, Blackberry and Argon 18 bikes, and will be called Team SpiderTech – Planet Energy. The riders as promised are primarily Canadian, with one Mexican and one American, but the team needs to recruit more numbers if it hopes to find it’s way into a Grand Tour, which requires a roster of at least 20 and millions of Euros in the pocketbook.

“We have to be realistic – not all of these athletes on the stage today will make it to the big leagues, or go to the Tour de France,” Bauer said. “But I believe, within their midst, there are athletes on our team that have the opportunity, given the opportunity to grow their talents. At the highest level, cycling attracts a lot of attention … the gap between what we’re doing and those big races needs to be filled, and I think that’s where we’re coming in.”

While the whole idea sounds amazing, it’s going to take time, money and support to see it get to the highest level. At this stage, I can only offer my verbal encouragement, as I think this is an incredible evolution for Canadian cycling. As both Team SpiderTech – Planet Energy and Cima Coppi – small, but ambitious organizations with a grand vision – grow into something larger, perhaps we can be involved. Performance team kits, sustainably sourced anyone?

Lucas Euser (Can.)
Guillaume Boivin (Can.)
Simon Lambert-Lemay (Can.)
Flavio De Luna (Mex.)
David Boily (Can)
Stéphane Cossette (Can.)
Mark Batty (Can.)
Eric Boily (Can.)
Martin Gilbert (Can.)
Keven Lacombe (Can.)
Bruno Langlois (Can.)
François Parisien (Can.)
Andrew Randell (Can.)
Ryan Roth (Can.)
Charly Vives (Can.)


One thought on “Team SpiderTech – Planet Energy. A Canadian Pro-tour team.

  1. Congrats! Martin on your 1st place finish in the The Tour De Cuba (Havana). We are on a cycling vacation in Cuba and saw the finish of the race and the podium presentation yesterday in downtown Havana (we have a couple of great pictures of the presentation). We spoke to your teammate Andrew after the race and wish you and all your teammates all the best to reach the podium at the Tour de France someday.
    Rob and Maureen

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