Introducing Bike Bike

I’d just like to give a quick shout out to a great guy Sean Carter and his a new store in Calgary that will be opening Feb. 1st, called Bike Bike. So, mark the calendars and get down there and support your new local Bike Shop! They’ve got what looks to be a great product line sourced, including Cima Coppi, and will be Calgary’s best bet for everyday cycling service, products, information and more.

Sean’s got his hands full doing preparation work for the store currently, so I thought I would give him some help getting the word out where I can. The store opens Feb.1 and the Grand Opening is Feb. 13th. We will be in Calgary for the Grand Opening with the first shipment of Cima Coppi wool jerseys, arm warmers, hats, tees and more. So come on out and check it out!

Bike Bike

1501 17 Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta


One thought on “Introducing Bike Bike

  1. Thanks for the props Lawrence! Can’t wait to see you and the goods.

    See you Feb.13th.

    p.s. due to some delays we have pushed back the official “retail” opening to Feb.16 – although the party on the 13th is still a go. cheers!

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