Pro-tour racing is back. Down Unda’

Ahhh, finally. Pro-tour racing is back. It’s been far too long. I guess I’m going to have to start looking for some light blue and black material because Team Sky made the first mark this year. This can be seen as the first step to proving they are the real deal as well. One win does not make a great team, but 1 for 1 makes a statement. Lance is already in action (likely because of his little paycheck to attend) but nonetheless, he already looks in good shape. Really good shape.

Evans, Valverde, Pereiro, they are all on the go. If we get through some early year doping drama (ie. the CONI sham) against Valverde then this years Tour should be spot on.

**A little note, I’m not excusing Valverde, but I’m not much for these curious pursuits, vague punishments and desired sanctions for activities from over as much as 8 years ago. I feel that I haven’t a delusional stance with the idea that everyone was doping in 2002/03 when Alejandro was riding for Kelme, so why Manzano is involved is beyond me. Let history be history, forgive and forget and all that jazz. Otherwise we need to go after everyone in the same way, from No.1 down to the last guy. ** Anyway, moving on. Did I mention that Ricco is back, already?? Ok, enough is enough of that topic!

So, the Tour Down Under started with a quasi-stage on Sunday (which doesn’t count toward final times, correct?) and begins for real tomorrow, concluding on the 24th. It’s typically a sprinters race and likely someone like Henderson, McEwen or Greipel will win it. It’s great to see the guys riding again, the sprinters rolling up their sleeves, and helps build the excitement for the spring classic, the Milan-San Remo.

Henderson, ‘mate, I owe you a jersey in your name. Good Show.


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